ella“The Man I Love” from Essential Ella by Ella Fitzgerald.

ACinemaApart is about Race films that were created for African American audiences with African American cast because of Hollywood’s unrelenting use of degrading stereotypes and Jim Crow laws.

Most of these films have never been released to the public, or they are now out of circulation. Films have been taken from 70mm, 16mm, and other video sources over the last 30 years. I will not sell films that are unwatchable. Most of these films are old and unrestored. They were cheaply made films to begin with. All films are in very good to excellent viewing condition, or I will not sell them. Also, be aware that DVDs are not perfect so if you receive one that skips, freezes or stops, it could be a dirty player lens, a defective or an incompatible DVD. Just return it for a replacement.

larry“I began collecting early Black films and it’s memorabilia over 30 years ago. I realized that a lot of these films would never be seen again and that the African American stars that made them possible would also slowly fade away. I have well over a thousand pieces covering posters, contracts, stills, and personal items of stars. My goal is to eventually find a museum dedicated to the preservation of early black films or “race movies” as they were called at the time. Here’s your chance to see and experience a rare slice of African American history. Please enjoy my site.  Thank you.”  —
Larry Richards